Though there might be many other AI girlfriend apps, the Candy AI is among the most hyped ones. AI girlfriends have become a hype for people to be into and enjoy the feeling.

In this article, we’ll dig deep into some hidden gems about Candy AI that you have yet to know and guide you through how to use it step by step.

What is Candy AI?

Candy Al is not just a normal app but an intelligent one. It can make you learn Artificial Intelligence in a fun way. You could have conversations with the AI, design your own AI characters, and also use them to generate special AI images.

Many people now use Candy AI when they need support. The app continues expanding, and now it can address more people. It is increasingly a destination for people who like to have fun talking and connecting with virtual partners. It signifies that social AI is learning to fulfill different purposes, such as companionship and communication, in the realm of the virtual world.

Features of Candy AI

#01 Engage with AI Characters

You can have conversations that make you feel like you are talking with a real person without boundaries. Candy AI’s AI-adaptive system technology answers your words on point, which makes communication more interactive and immersive.

#02 Diverse Range of AI Characters

Whether you’re looking for a distinctive personality or a like-minded companion, you have various AI personas from which to select. Whether you are looking for friends of African, Mexican, or Asian backgrounds or want to keep friends like manga lovers or even gamers, your conversations are guaranteed with the perfect company.

#03 Anime-style AI characters

Candy AI won’t disappoint you if you’re a fan of anime-style AI characters, as they have a selection of special options. You can choose from a diverse AI characters option, including both real and anime-style ones, so you can ultimately decide the one suited for you.

In the Explore section, there are approximately 40 different AI characters available, grouped into categories such as:

  • Female realistic and anime AI characters
  • Male realistic and anime AI characters

#04 Generate Photo and Audio Features

To bring your chats to life and improve your interactions with AI characters, you can ask AI for various photos to enrich your conversations visually. Additionally, including audio messages can improve the depth and immersion of your interactions with AI characters.

#05 Adaptive Role-Plays

Immerse yourself in dynamic environments that respond to your input, creating interesting experiences based on your tastes and style. Whether you’re up for laid-back conversations about anything under the sun, adding a touch of intimacy to your chats, or diving into an epic fantasy world through role-playing, Candy AI offers a variety of possibilities for you to enjoy.

#06 Choose Your Visual Style

Choose between realistic characters and characters that resemble anime personalized experiences. Customizable your AI-based friends on whatever parameters you want. This can be anything from their clothing choice to the tone of their skin and more to suit your taste.

#07 AI Voice and Phone Call

You may easily engage with your AI companions by sending natural-sounding voice messages, adding an authentic touch to your interactions. You can even have a phone call that feels extremely real, I was blown away by it.

#08 Prioritize Privacy and Security

All user interactions and information are kept private and secure, allowing you to communicate freely and openly with Candy AI characters.

How to use Candy AI to generate AI Girlfriend

Steps to Create a Personalized AI Companion on Candy AI:

Step 1: Visit Candy.AI and click on Register to create an account.

Register to create an account

Step 2: Sign in using your Google, X, or Discord account on the sign-in page, or specify another email.

Step 3: After signing in, start chatting by selecting ready-made AI characters by category or create a personalized AI companion by clicking on Create Character from the left pane.

Step 4: Choose between a Realistic or Anime girlfriend/boyfriend and click Next. For example, select a realistic AI model.

 Realistic or Anime girlfriend

Step 5: Select the ethnicity of your AI character from options like Caucasian, Latina, Asian, Arab, and Black/Afro, and choose eye color. For instance, pick a 20-year-old Asian girl with green eyes.

choose eye color

Step 6: Proceed to choose the hairstyle and color. Select a straight hairstyle for your AI character.

choose the hairstyle

Step 7: Customize body type, breast size, and butt size according to your preference. Choose voluptuous body type, large breasts, and butt size if desired.

Step 8: Select the personality type and voice for your AI character from a variety of options. For example, choose experimenter personality and Voice #4.

personality type

Step 9: Define your AI character’s hobbies and occupation to personalize interactions. For example, choose a massage therapist interested in fitness and self-development.

hobbies and occupation

Step 10: Choose the type of relationship you want with your AI character, such as friendship, romantic companionship, or emotional support.

Step 11: Pick an outfit for your AI character from a selection of options. For instance, select a Pop Star attire.

outfit for AI character

Step 12: Review your choices and if satisfied, create your AI companion by clicking “Bring my AI to life“. I was totally impressed with the accuracy and realism of Candy AI.

Bring my AI to life
Note: Candy AI offers one credit to regenerate the image for free if it doesn't meet your expectations. Explore the accuracy and realism of your personalized AI companion.

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How To Subscribe to Candy AI

Here’s a simplified guide on how to subscribe to Candy AI:

Step 1: Go to Candy AI and Create an Account

  • Visit on your mobile or desktop.
  • Click on Register to create a new account.
  • If you already have an account, click on Log in.

Step 2: Subscribe to a Premium Plan

  • After creating your Candy AI account, click on one of the Subscribe buttons to access more features.
  • Select your preferred payment method (credit, debit, or crypto).
  • Choose between an annual plan ($5.99/month) or a monthly plan ($12.99/month) based on your preference.
Subscribe to Candy AI

Is Candy AI safe to use?

According to Tom, the owner and CEO of Candy AI, the conversation of users with AI is private; neither the Candy AI team nor anyone reads those conversations, giving complete privacy to users.

Nevertheless, suppose any of the user’s conversations send an alert to trigger the moderation related to the harmful activities, the abuse, and the underage people. In that case, the Candy AI team is free to read the conversation and ask questions about it. Generating offensive material about minors is forbidden; it also can be the reason for your legal problems.

Similarly, Candy AI is safe to pay. With trusted payment methods like credit cards and cryptocurrencies, your transactions are secure and private.

Their use of encryption ensures your details are well-protected. So, you can enjoy Candy AI’s services with peace of mind, knowing your payments are in safe hands!


I find that the conversations on Candy AI are lively and engaging due to the variety of AI characters and role-playing scenarios available. One thing is sure, you cannot be bored since there is a ton of customization and features available.

Candy AI’s free trial provides basic features and gives very limited tokens to use. Some may find Candy AI’s paid plans too expensive because for most of the things it requires tokens for. However, the chatbot has the potential to build intelligent models.

An AI girlfriend/boyfriend cannot take the place of a real girlfriend or boyfriend, nor can it have the emotions that we feel in a relationship. However, they can help anyone feel less isolated, can cure boredom, or simply more entertained.

We feel happy and comfortable sharing their private and intimate details with AI. Thus, it is necessary to remember that keeping personal information is crucial while conversing with AI. Candy AI has also pointed out that although it considers user privacy and safety, there should be caution when sharing overly personal details and information.


Is Candy AI available for iPhone and Android?

No, the last time I checked, it is still not available on any app store. All apps present with this name are fake.

Can Candy AI see your chats?

No, Candy AI and its team cannot see your chats, all the chat between user and AI are encrypted.

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