One of the most important choices when making your podcast is the use of software for recording it, since this can have crucial impact on the quality of your content. Therefore, the quality and accuracy of your audio (and video) content on this platform will significantly affect the performance and the reputation of your podcast in the long run.

These high-end recording tools not only produce high-quality recordings but simplify the podcasting process with user-friendly controls, various functions, and auto editing options.

In this article, we’ll delve into the features of Podcastle and provide insights into its usage for recording podcasts.

What is Podcastle?

Podcastle, founded in 2020, started out as a web browser extension that utilized AI for this purpose, specifically for improved article narration. Switching dynamics and making a fast move into podcasting, Podcastle surpassed this challenge by creating recording tools that address the needs of both novices and veterans.

Today, Podcastle is the favorite podcasting platform among the podcasters due to its high reliability, its friendly User Interface and essential functions such as recording and editing. Having the vision to disseminate broadcast art among the masses, Podcastle provides the affordable, yet powerful, set of tools meant to stimulate your creativity and bring you enjoyment.

What are the Advantages of Podcastle?

advantage of podcastle

Podcastle proposes numerous options to facilitate content creators in recording, hosting remote interviews, and finally, polishing before publicizing.

As Arto Yeritsyan, founder and CEO of Podcastle explains: “Studio sound” is Podcasters’ principal feature and solves the audio quality matters that have become the main industry trends. Through this ability, the platform can alter any input into audio of such excellent quality that it sounds as studio records do. Regardless of whether it’s a phone call or whether it involves a large number of individuals in different locations.

Podcastle produces consistent and professional-grade results. The variety of personal circumstances, say, the different distances from the microphone or the varying levels of background noise, are all efficiently addressed, so the end audio product sounds unified and smooth.Its notable capabilities include:

  • Multi-track recording: Each participant’s audio and video are captured in distinct tracks, locally saved on their respective devices.
  • Audio transcription: Live or recorded audio is automatically transcribed into text.
  • Text-to-speech technology: Various voice options enable automatic conversion of text into speech.
  • Editing and mixing with “Magic Dust”: Dynamic equalization, compression, noise reduction, and a library of royalty-free music and effects facilitate seamless post-production.
  • iOS app: Enables recording on the go for added convenience.

How to Use Podcastle?

Step 1: First, create your account in order to start recording your podcast with Podcastle. Go to your dashboard and click on “Create” followed by “New Project.”

Step 2: Within the new project, press “Record Audio.” If you import external music, use the “Import Audio” option to upload your music files.

Step 3: Fine tune settings to your preference and begin recording by clicking “Record.”

Step 4: Trim or split the audio after recording to achieve the desired precision level of editing.

Step 5: When your podcast episode is complete, just click the share option to get the project link.

What are the disadvantages of Podcastle?

Podcastle offers a budget-friendly and easy-to-use solution incorporating perks which make it one of the options to consider. However, there are some limitation present on Podcastle.

For instance, with Podcast’s limitation such as the free plan’s restriction on recorded video lasting for three hours, podcasters will find it hard to get through with their video content more than three hours. Also, the users who want either an livestreaming or social network integration may find Podcastle insufficient in terms of the functions for the purpose.

Lastly, the best type of recording software depends on the personal preferences of the individual and the usage of the expected podcaster for the efficient production and distribution of the podcast.

The Future of Podcastle

As per the Techcrunch reports, Podcastle has successfully raised $13.5 million in the Series A round of funding led by Mosaic Ventures. The platform is now claimed to have around a million creators using its tools as of now, most of which contain AI powered features, although this number has not been verified independently.

“Arto and the team at Podcastle have built a leading product and are already showing signs of organic growth that we believe will only accelerate in the years ahead.” Says Simon Levene, co-founder and partner of Mosaic Ventures

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