Hey there! Have you ever needed a response from AI but didn’t want to create additional accounts or sign in? Well, OpenAI has good news for you! They have now made it possible for people to use ChatGPT without signing up.

Previously, if you wanted to use ChatGPT, you had to sign up with OpenAI, which meant sharing your personal data like email address and phone number or linking your account with Google, Microsoft or Apple.

However, on April 1st, OpenAI created a cool feature that allows you to access the free version of ChatGPT, which is based on the powerful GPT 3.5 model, without the need to log in. Please note that those who want to try out the newest features like GPT-4, DALL-E, and more will still need to have an account and be logged in.

How to use ChatGPT without an account

Step 1: Open your browser to access ChatGPT

Step 2: Head over to chat.openai.com, or search ChatGPT site on Google.

Step 3: Since you’re using ChatGPT without logging into an account, it treats each conversation as a clean slate. This means that even if you’ve chatted with ChatGPT before, your previous chats won’t be saved.

Step 4: Now prompt your message or ask any question and click the send button.

chatgpt without sign in

The advantage of using ChatGPT without an account is the convenience it offers when accessing the tool from different devices. Users can seamlessly switch between devices and continue their conversations with ChatGPT without logging in or synchronizing accounts. This end-to-end experience facilitates user convenience and ensures that their interactions with ChatGPT are not hindered.

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Bottom Line

ChatGPT can be used without an account, giving users a simpler and more private experience in working with this powerful AI machine. Be it your desire to quickly acquire information, seek entertainment, or be curious about AI technology, ChatGPT presents an interface that is useful to all and simple to operate. Whether you want to converse with some AI assistant or make it simpler to do so, minus having to sign up for an account, the experience becomes much more convenient and smoother.


Can we ask ChatGPT questions for free?

Yes, we can ask ChatGPT questions for free without the need to sign up for an account. Simply go to chat.openai.com and prompt your message or question.

Is ChatGPT free unlimited?

Yes, ChatGPT is free to use. However, for more advanced or specialized uses, you might need to subscribe to a paid service like ChatGPT Plus or license the underlying technology.

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