Technological integration into classrooms has witnessed a huge increase. Through the sea of applied tools, Google Classroom emerges as the most used platform for online learning.

However, with the rise of AI-powered language models like ChatGPT, questions arise in the mind of students about whether platforms like Google Classroom can detect ChatGPT or AI usage within academic settings.

What is ChatGPT?

ChatGPT, which OpenAI developed, is an advanced language model that was trained by constantly feeding it with large amounts of text found online. It is able to produce human-like text responses utilizing the cues it receives from the prompt given to it by users. Although ChatGPT offers many options, educators are already worried about it helping students in the completion of assignments and even academic dishonesty, with some schools having already banned ChatGPT usage.

Does Google Classroom Detect ChatGPT?

No, Google Classroom includes many capabilities that are employed to monitor and regulate student conduct within its platform, but the detection of the use of AI language models, like ChatGPT, is not one of them. As if now, there is no such feature in Google Classroom that highlights or recognizes ChatGPT or other AI writer tools in assignments.

In the coming future, Google Classroom could integrate machine learning algorithms that have been fully trained to understand the output of language models like ChatGPT. These models could be trained using ChatGPT-generated text samples to identify their structures and patterns, which are similar to those found in students’ submissions.

Another challenge is the ethical considerations surrounding the monitoring of student activity. While preventing academic dishonesty is important, but on the other hand there are some issues with privacy and surveillance in education. Conducting wide-scale surveillance could invade students’ rights to privacy and independence.

Can Professors and teachers Detect ChatGPT?

Teachers and professors can easily find out if the text is generated by ChatGPT just by carefully reading it. ChatGPT-written text frequently contains specific styles, repetition of words, or a different feel when compared to that of human-written text. Teachers on Reddit have shared their experiences in recognizing these differences.

byu/highbrowshow from discussion
byu/highbrowshow from discussion

When ChatGPT creates text, characteristics may be revealed that are different from a student’s usual writing style and level of knowledge. If the assignments are carefully checked and compared with the previous work of the same student, instructors often identify the elements that seem suspicious.

byu/highbrowshow from discussion

In some cases, the teachers may also occasionally observe certain patterns of conduct in student which indicate the use of AI towards studying, including a sudden boom in performance or the fast completion of assignments beyond their regular speeds.

Chatgpt mistakes

In the example above, you can see a noticeable mistake that ChatGPT made. Initially, it sounded robotic, and the tone felt off.

What should be the Endgame for Educators?

Educators now have to teach students more than just the responsible use of the particular technology and academic integrity. Instead of solely following up with the methods of detection, it would be rather wise to develop a culture which is complex of truthfulness and integrity within the class. Train students in respect to the essentials of AI language models for assignment submission so that they are able to make the right decisions.

Final Thoughts

While Google Classroom does not currently have the capability to detect the usage of AI language models like ChatGPT, it encounters several challenges in effectively doing so. Ultimately, fostering a culture of academic integrity and responsible technology use is vital in addressing the issue of AI assistance in education.


Can Google Classroom originality report detect AI?

No, originality reports are not designed to check AI-generated texts or materials. Firstly, they compare submissions with those that have been given to the same course on the Google Assignment. They may also share a school originality corpus, which is accessible only through administrators. Besides, they look for the same text on the web.

Can universities detect ChatGPT code?

Yes, the universities can spot the content produced by ChatGPT. One of the methods many universities adopt is the use of platforms like Turnitin to verify the authenticity of student assignments. However, the coding produced by the AI models of advanced levels is still a challenge for these platforms to detect.

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